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"Huntington replaces Oildex OpenInvoice with Enerpact APX"

Huntington replaces Oildex OpenInvoice with Enerpact APX

Posted:-July 7, 2017

Houston (July 7, 2017) – Enerpact, a leading provider of software solutions for the upstream Oil & Gas industry, announced today that Huntington Energy, an Oklahoma based independent oil and gas producer, has selected Enerpact APX, Enerpact’s electronic invoice processing solution, to manage and streamline their AP invoice approval workflow. They will be replacing their former Invoicing solution, Oildex Spendworks, which was older legacy technology and suffered from low supplier adoption rates.

“With Oildex, we were stuck on their legacy platform Spendworks,” Analisa Bloxham, Accountant at Huntingon Energy. “There was no path offered to us with their new flagship product. Enerpact was able to provide a much better solution at a lower cost. Their onboarding efforts have ensured a higher rate of electronic invoicing right out of the gate allaying any concerns related to supplier networks. I hear nothing but good things from our suppliers who switched to Enerpact Supplier Network without any challenges. Enerpact deployment team worked on my timeline and availability in transitioning to APX without any disruptions to our day-to-day business, and onboarded all our key suppliers at no cost.”

With the prior solution, most of Huntington’s suppliers were not taking advantage of the benefits of electronic invoicing, causing Huntington additional costs and manual effort to get their invoices processed. With Enerpact APX, Huntington’s supplier adoption rate in that short time period time has already gone from 30% to 50%, and they expect them to continue to increase substantially. From a supplier standpoint, APX’s ease of use and Enerpact’s proven supplier support process makes it easy get going quickly.

“After getting familiar with the layout of the platform have been smooth, user friendly and support has been extremely helpful with quick response on setting up credentials and providing additional information on the platform’s capabilities...Thus far our experience with Enerpact has been very positive!”-Sophia Largo, Accounts Receivable, M&R Trucking, Inc. and Aqua Moss LLC, a critical Huntington supplier.

Pradeep Deshpande, Enerpact CEO - “We are excited that Huntington chose Enerpact APX to replace OIldex to manage their AP invoicing process. This has given us an opportunity to measure all our systems and processes. We have been able to exceed expectations in deploying APX with minimal investment of time and effort from Huntington. We have also been able execute our onboarding strategy where Huntington now has higher percentage of electronic invoices than before in a very short time. Shows our system and process have matured in a very short time and we are ready take a bigger market share with innovation, better service and no overhead to account for in our pricing. We want the Upstream operators not to worry about monopolies”

About Huntington Energy

Huntington Energy is an independent oil and natural gas company, based out of Weatherford, Oklahoma.

About Enerpact

Enerpact is an E&P software company established in 2008 focused on providing our clients with easy access to data across their systems for better decision making, and streamlining processes across the organization to drive efficiency, increase productivity, and reducing costs. We offer upstream companies like yours a better way to reach these goals.