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About Enerpact

Founded in 2008, Enerpact provides “gap” solutions to spreadsheet-driven business workflows that the prevailing US-based integrated Accounting, (Land and Production) systems lack. Enerpact provides solutions for Procure-to-pay/ E-Invoicing, as well as a variety of Business Intelligence and Productivity Tools.

"Connecting FDDS with any accounting, land and reservoir data leverages the value of FieldDIRECT. With Enerpact, IHS customers can now more easily generate complex reports and improve overall business viability into data." - ENERVEST DIRECTOR OF PLANNING AND ANALYSIS

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About Enerpact

Enerpact provides real-time data access, helping E&P companies free their data trapped in specialty applications for accounting, land, and reservoir management. Data access and operational efficiency are central to success for E&P companies. We support operators with 250+ reports and productivity tools, including LOS statements, Budgeting Reviews, AFE Management, Capital Planning & Scheduling, etc.
Best of all, our software integrates WITH your existing core systems. No expensive ripping and replacing of entire systems are necessary.

Designing E&P-Focused solutions

We are excited about what we do because we see the immediate value our customers receive every day. We have deep experience with E&P companies and are dedicated to that market.

We are very familiar with E&P processes, challenges, and software. We know the value of data analysis to E&P operations. We use the latest tools and technologies to ensure that you get the most from your data and data management investments.

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Delivering Configurable Software, Intuitive Interfaces

Our solutions are configured to meet your specific needs. Usually that means creating reports that combine data from various systems like accounting and reservoir management. Often it means automating manual processes like production reporting and invoice processing.

Sometimes it involves process-improving applications for AFE management, well costing, capital planning and budgeting, or business intelligence. It always means delivering a solution tailored to how you run your business, with minimal training and immediate payback.

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Improving Operational Efficiency through Connected Data

Connecting your data and making it immediately available—that is what we do. Because we do it automatically, you can focus on data analysis instead of data compilation to maximize your resources.

Our solutions help you avoid errors and spreadsheet inconsistencies. They extend the functionality of your specialty applications without adding licensing pressure. They extend data access without requiring extensive training—often with no training at all.

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Leading Technology for Enterprise Action

Our approach is data-centric rather than discipline-centric. We use the latest technologies to open access to your data and deliver it to users using web interfaces and Microsoft Office applications. If you know the basics of Excel and Outlook, you know how to use our products.

Behind the scenes we operate a virtual data warehouse that provides real-time data directly from various systems like BOLO, ARIES and WellView. With Enerpact, you can trust that the data you see is the most up-to-date available.