Business Intelligence

View E&P Data with Real Time Dashboards and Reporting. Bring all enterprise systems data together for improved data & decision making.

"We recommend Enerpact to our customers because it helps them achieve their wider goal of production and business intelligence."-IHS DIRECTOR OF REGIONAL SALES, FIELDDIRECT, AMERICAS

View E&P data in a real-time dashboard. Improve decisions through better information.

Real-time data access. Good business decisions depend on it. We locate it wherever it resides. We correlate it and deliver it for analysis. We tie it back to supporting data for real-time lookbacks and drill-downs.

Business line managers and senior executives have immediate access to reporting and analysis from the entire organization. No more time-consuming manual compilation of reports that are out-of-date as soon as they are created. We provide out-of-the-box integration with BOLO, Quorum, Enertia, ARIES, PHDWin, WellView, OpenWells, Peloton PERC, and other leading E&P software.

Our solutions are built on a virtual data warehouse that connects data. This removes the serious issues associated with traditional data warehouses that contain a dated snapshot of data rather than dynamic links to the latest data available.

With Enerpact you have visibility to real-time data, historical and current acquisition lookbacks, economics and any upstream KPIs in real-time all the time.

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Business Intelligence Center

Run standard, best practice reports. Build highly customized reports at a fraction of the cost.

Report on, analyze and share information across all departments. Access more than 100 comprehensive, real-time reports spanning Accounting, AP, Budgeting, Scheduling, Forecasting, Land, Lease Operating Statements, Lease Operating Expenditure, Comparison of actuals with field estimates, Production versus Forecast, Drilling, AFE tracking and aging, Hedging, Reservoir Management & Data Mapping, Accruals and more. If you can dream it, we will build it (and probably already have).

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Data Integration

Enerpact integrates with the most commonly used E&P software systems, keeping data aligned and users up to date. Leverage you investments in BOLO, ARIES and other systems already in use.

Business Intelligence integrates deeply with your existing data stores. It is the easiest-to-use, most comprehensive business intelligence tool in the oil and gas industry.

Access data in real-time from your software systems including accounting, production, GIS, reserves forecast and more to create up-to-the-minute accurate reports without costly data warehousing. Business Intelligence uses proven technology to provide the best user experience possible.

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Rapid ROI

Access, analyze and report on data from any system of record without costly licensing and training. Make timely and informed decisions. Increase collaboration between departments. Access the right accounts and reserves data immediately. Eliminate the manual effort used to create reports. Reduce the cost of new reports. We have already integrated the most widely used E&P systems. Maximize the value of your current investments in BOLO, Enertia, ARIES, PHDWin, OpenWells, WellView, PERC and other systems.

"Enerpact has a good value proposition. Their prices were exceptional for what I want to do. They have experience with FieldDIRECT and Enertia. They've done it. they are a good fit for our approach." - RAAM Global Energy Production Manager

Executive Dashboard

One click access to critical management reports, custom analysis and presentations. Track daily operating and capital expenditures. Make more informed and timely decisions about capital expenditures. Executive management reports including production, OPEX and CAPEX.

Upstream Dashboard

Drill down into any entity in seconds. Analyze and share information across all segments of your upstream business. Access data from any source system without costly licensing and training.