eAFE (Authorizations for Expenditure)

The Blueprint for each well. Drive efficient well data management. Instant lookbacks and budget-versus-actuals reports. Integrates with all data applications.

"We use FieldDIRECT for all our production data. We use Enerpact to connect to our other systems." - ENERVEST MANAGER-PRODUCTION/FLEET

Connect to any data application. Drive efficient well data management.

AFEs (Authorizations for Expenditure) are critical to oil & gas decision making. Virtually everyone contributes to or is guided by the AFE. Success depends on accuracy of estimates, clarity of communications and efficiency of implementation.

Enerpact eAFE software makes it easy to create and manage AFEs across departments. Contributors create, edit and review AFEs in Excel through a spreadsheet interface. Data is pulled directly from your reserves, accounting, and land management systems and accessible in the Enerpact Database for historical comparisons. Your macros and calculations are incorporated to speed the process. Lookbacks are done in real-time comparing actuals to forecasts, enabling more informed decision-making.

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Automated AFE Creation and Management

Create pre-spud AFEs to enforce internal AFE processes and controls. Capture pre-spud expenses. Full support for pre-drills, drill & completes, and every other AFE type you use. Reduce errors caused by manual and redundant data entry. Use mobile apps on smartphones or tablets for easy remote approvals. Compare AFE estimates to actual costs. Add structure, compliance and security to key business processes. Control your expenditures.

Highly configurable workflows support multiple parallel or sequential processes per team and/or division including electronic signatures. Delegate authority, revise and supplement AFEs and synchronize cost information. eAFE is Sarbanes Oxley (SOX) compliant. Configure the AFE workflow to the exact way your business develops and approves AFEs.

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AFE Routing and Approval

Streamline the AFE approval process, control your costs and maximize your return on capital expenditures. Automate your preferred workflows—the business processes that work for you. Import data from other systems. Automatically enforce your AFE policies and approvals.

eAFE can be configured for restricted access. Signatories can be restricted to their departments or specific category of content such as land, geology, engineering, regulatory and accounting. Approve from any smartphone or tablet using secure digital signatures.

eAFE organizes and tracks your AFE process automatically. You will always know the status of each AFE and where it is in the development and approval processes.

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Familiar Interfaces

Our intuitive design minimizes the learning curve and maximizes user adoption. Combine familiarity with Excel and the speed of a database to get users up and running fast.

Avoid common user adoption issues. Choose Enerpact for a solution that is lightweight and intuitive, requiring little or no training. User interfaces are well-organized, calculations are built-in and data is pre-populated and integrity enforced. You can count on your entire team fully adopting eAFE

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AFE Data Alignment

eAFE combines accounting, reserves, IPS Production and Morning reporting systems into one powerful reporting tool. We set up wells, events/jobs, and AFEs, and integrate with any existing software systems in your company. As wells are identified and AFEs are created, eAFE automatically creates the well in other systems. You have consolidated access to all well data as a result.

eAFE writes and pulls data from ARIES, BOLO, OpenWells, RIMBase, WellView and other E&P systems for the AFE. This ensures data consistency, eliminates redundancy and removes the risk of data re-entry error. You save time, reduce data inconsistencies, and increase collaboration.

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Business Intelligence and AFE Reporting

eAFE provides a robust set of reports for tracking and analyzing AFEs, including:

  • My AFE provides the latest aging report and lists all AFEs associated with you
  • Periodic AFE milestone and aging reports are pushed to selected groups
  • AFE Tracker shows all AFEs matching various filters to suit your needs
  • AFE economics and lookback reports

In addition, specialty reports can include GG&L costs and exclude these costs for partner cost estimates. Reports reveal estimated exposure, capital expenditure and field estimate variance.

AFE Well Files

AFE attachments are stored as well files and assigned highly searchable metadata tags. Simply drag and drop files into eAFE from Windows applications—including attachments in Outlook. Tie leases to wells. Attach economics from ARIES. Associate any document to any data.

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"We recommend Enerpact to our customers because it helps them achieve their wider goal of production and business intelligence." - IHS DIRECTOR OF REGIONAL SALES

Rapid ROI

Make faster, better decision with greater real-time visibility into capital projects. Save time on data entry and re-entry. Create blanket AFEs to cover multiple wells, accelerating the approval process. Save time by automatically generating consent and cost letters for landmen based on partner allocations.

AFE Look-backs and Forecasting

Manage future capital expenditures based on your current real-time data. Import forecast data as snapshots and compare with AFEs to compare actual to budgeted costs. Make higher level decisions. eAFE delivers the detail you need to hone in on which wells to drill and which to shelve.