APX e-Invoicing Solution

Receive and Route Invoices Electronically. Automated Workflow, Invoice PDF emailed with AI parsing, complete data verification. Complete Procure to Payment. The OpenInvoice Alternative.

"Well, I’ve scanned (pun intended) the universe and I like APX the best. ". - SCOTT LAKEY - Chief Financial Officer - CROSSING ROCKS ENERGY

APX e-Invoicing

APX is a complete Procurement to Pay system designed specifically for Upstream operators and their suppliers. APX offers complete e-Invoicing functionality, providing unparalleled software, support, and unrivaled value for its price-point. It’s unique features and user-friendly design, including rock-solid integration with all E&P systems will allow you complete control of your payment schedules.

APX is a fully-functional invoice management system designed explicitly for oil and gas companies. It is rooted in Enerpact’s dual core expertise: Having a complete understanding of E&P data integration combined with highly configurable workflow. Our workflow will adapt to the best practices and needs of your organization and integrates into your accounting system - at no additional cost.

Enerpact APX is the only complete Electronic Invoicing and Procure to Pay solution for E&P companies of all sizes. APX provides superior AP workflow, operator & supplier portals, supplier invoice submission w/AI parsing and data verification, along with full purchase order functionality, and much more. It is the best-valued alternative to OpenInvoice, with no long term commitments or contracts necessary.

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APX Supplier Network

Enerpact is committed to creating the best of breed supplier network. We are building a Network that recognizes supplier’s need to optimally submit invoices, and avoid double entry where possible in return for timely status and receivables. For the subscribing operators, the network brings in invoices with as much granularity and detail as possible, helping clients process invoices with minimal effort and accuracy while completing payments on schedule.

Enerpact supports all the methods of invoice submission that oil field services suppliers use to submit invoices and field tickets to their clients electronically.

Enerpact offers all the supplier link services at NO CHARGE to the suppliers.

  • Suppliers using QuickBooks to create invoices can submit invoices directly. Avoiding double entry. FREE of Cost.
  • Submit invoices & field tickets using PIDX, CSV, API, and Webform methods
  • Avoid double entry with integrations into supplier invoicing applications

Rapid ROI

APX is fully integrated with your accounting system, including but not limited to: vendor data, master file codes and contract terms. Enerpact will ensure all required accounting data flows into the solution to help accurately approve invoices and upload the processed invoices to accounting system for timely payments. Integrations are at no cost to Clients.

In addition to NO charge for Suppliers using the Supplier Link network, there are NO deployment or onboarding costs for suppliers.

Efficiency, competitive pricing, and ease-of-use make Enerpact APX the best value on the market.

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"It helps a lot that Enerpact has deep oil and gas experience. They understand our needs." - ENERVEST ACCOUNTING VICE PRESIDENT


Business Intelligence & Spend Analysis

APX provides extensive reporting and analysis. Leverage centralized reporting of field estimates, invoice and GL transactions. No costly customizations are required.

Enerpact uniquely provides access via an ad-hoc reporting tool that gives you access to all your AP data via reports. These reports allow you to customize queries and output of any attributes from all your AP data. Whether you are looking for a Cash Report or report at JIB closing time - or searching for specific invoices types and statuses - you can report with exact attributes you need live. No need to wait days for your report to arrive by email.

Enerpact APX is the only solution in the market offering its users Spend Analysis out of the box.

Let us show you how Enerpact BI and Reporting will help you reduce costs where needed and gain more insight to your suppliers.