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Dashboard interface to all E&P data in real-time. Improved decisions through better information.

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Upstream 360°

Access well data on demand. View real-time performance data by well and asset team.


Streamline your AFE creation and management. Create AFEs using your Excel template, complete with your macros and calculations.


Upstream 360° integrates, aligns and shares data with users you select, and sends alerts when data is in misaligned between systems.


Tie your invoices to AFEs. Search for invoices by asset or field. Run reports and clickthrough to original invoices.Keep vendors informed


Upstream 360° eliminates the inefficiency and inconsistency of spreadsheets. It avoids large-scale retraining. It reduces licensing pressure

Trades and
Settlement Data

Manage your hedging activities simply and easily. Compare actuals to forecasts in real-time. Automatically calculate your percent hedged based

Well File

Digitize your well records. Make them easily searchable and connect them to assets and asset teams. Attach files to data across all of your E&P systems

About Enerpact

Enerpact is a high-growth, high-energy software company on a mission. We help E & P companies free their data trapped in specialty applications for accounting, land, and reservoir management.

Data access is central to success in E & P companies. Yet the way companies store data by discipline in each best-of-breed system limits how it can be used to support enterprise decisions.