Eating the ERP Elephant

Connecting Enertia and production data in a first manageable bite.

RAAM Gobal Energy

Companies like RAAM Global Energy (RAAM) are embracing a new vision for ERP—one that focuses on data itself. Rather than try to force their data into a single system RAAM is implementing a flexible model that cn connect to their systems now and in the future.

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Fast-Track Business Intelligence with Field DIRECT

Leveraging production data for business insight


FieldDIRECT® offers significant advantage to upstream operations by making it easy for pumpers to accurately report daily production and faster for the rest of the organization to see it. Enerpact adds value to FieldDIRECT by rapidly connecting its production data to other systems like Enertia, BOLO, ARIES™ and WellView®.

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The Upstream ERP Bill of Rights

Unleashing data for real-time decision making

Successful ERP systems act as information hubs. They correlate data across the company. They connect existing systems, leverage existing infrastructure and bridge to data trapped in paper and spreadsheets. They manage data flow between systems and users.

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