APX provides upstream oil & gas companies with state-of-the-art invoice processing and business intelligence integration software. With APX, E&P companies leverage supplier e-invoicing and industry-leading integration into their ERP or best of breed systems to conquer invoice approval, cashflow management and expense reporting.

APX e-Invoicing

APX is a complete invoice management system designed specifically for Upstream buyers and operators. It offers unparalleled functionality with the best value on the market, offering unique features and user-friendly design, including exceptional integration with all E&P systems, from accounting data to AFE and drilling operations systems.

Enerpact is the only company with expertise and knowledge spanning the complete E&P data and business processes. Our flexible workflow engine makes it possible to configure our workflow for any company at base price. Now that is value!

APX is a full-function invoice management system designed explicitly for oil and gas companies.


  • Highly configurable upstream AP workflow
  • Free supplier network on-boarding
  • Dashboards for both Suppliers & Buyers
  • Complete visibility into AP and expenses
  • Reduce manual data entry, eliminate errors
  • Non-Operated JIB approval workflow
  • APX = Best Investment, Best ROI

APX is fully integrated with your accounting system, including vendor data, master file codes and contract terms. Enerpact integration works with all major accounting systems.

Unparalleled Integration & Reporting

  • Executive dashboards & operations dashboards
  • Better cash-flow and cash-requirement forecasting
  • Cost reports drill down to invoice images
  • Approval & annual audit reports make auditing easy

APX Workflow

  • Highly configurable upstream AP workflow
  • Your AP approval process at no additional costs
  • Invoice review, verify & approval workflow
  • Easily route invoices based on ordered by, cost centers, AFEs, departments, account codes, and more.
  • Non-Operated JIB approval workflow


Enerpact is committed to creating the best supplier network. Built with superior technologies, Enerpact tools are designed for suppliers to be onboarded in minimal time and handholding. If any of your suppliers are not yet in our network, we will get them on board at no cost to you and no cost to your suppliers.

  • Easiest supplier solution to submit invoices
  • Quickbooks solution requiring no manual data entry for submitting invoices
  • Onboarding process with exceptional supplier adoption rates
  • Better status and payment visibility for Suppliers
  • Better Supplier onboarding status and submittal statistics for Buyers

Business Intelligence & Invoice Reporting

APX provides extensive reporting and analysis. Leverage centralized reporting of field estimates, invoice and GL transactions. No costly customizations required.

Drill down through LOE analysis reports and partnership level LOS reports to invoice level data. Compare invoices to committed spending and field estimates. Drill into company, field and well level LOS reports and cost reports with linked AP/JIB documents.

Create real-time accounts payable reports with TERMS+ invoice lists, Early Pay Discounts, check data detail, approval history and scanned images.

Anyone can run reports for the top 10 lease operating expenses for an area. Review at well and field level. See what is going on and why.

Vendor Intelligence

Increase accuracy, timeliness and visibility of the entire invoice processing lifecycle. Connect invoices. Reduce errors. Eliminate duplicate payments, payments to the wrong vendor, and overpayments. Age your invoices accurately and pay them on time. Increase vendor visibility to payment, reducing vendor calls. Correct vendor information. Display check numbers and dates processed. Recognize and take advantage of vendor discount terms. Prioritize payments and protect relationships.

Invoice Routing and Approval

Increase transparency, speed and accuracy of accounts payable department. We emulate your processes and approval hierarchy. Trial-post invoices and check for duplicate invoices. Attach original copies for future reference.

We mimic your existing in-house invoice workflow. Make data available for reports across the invoice lifecycle. Incorporate your invoice processing rules, reducing vendor inquiries.

Automate workflows from indexing to approval and disbursement to reporting. Approve items automatically based on your rules. Delegate authority. Ensure Sarbanes Oxley (SOX) compliance.

Use in-house or outsourced indexing and scanning solutions as well as hosted payment networks. Automatically associate costs with wells in your accounting system. Enforce approval limits.

Consistent Coding and Payment

Provide consistency in coding. Auto-code based on past payments. Process and book invoices, releasing payment only when you want.

Rapid ROI

Gain insight into data. Fully automate invoice processing and centralize data from multiple systems, including field data, purchase order and accounting. Search any invoice-related data across multiple data sources. Identify variance. Get a real-time view of working capital.

Avoid transaction-based fees. Detect and remove duplicates. Incrase processing speed. Ensure auditability. Run real-time invoice status updates.

Improve decisions in the field by extending easy access to real-time cost data. Enable quick review of real-time Top 10 LOE reports and associated invoices. Identify and manage variance early in the process.

Disconnected Mode for the Field

Work remotely and append invoices whenever connected to the database. Download the latest data. Review and approve. Synchronize when connected again.