Enerpact Workbench

Enerpact Workbench connects data from all your E&P systems, enabling a 360 degree view of the business. It is completely compatible with your existing software for accounting, production, engineering, land, finance and reserves management.

"Enerpact makes connecting FieldDIRECT data to other systems a lot easier."-FIELDDIRECT PRODUCT MANAGER

Enerpact Workbench

Workbench bridges these software islands to create an interconnected system that serves the needs of everyone in the enterprise. All E&P data across all systems is instantly accessible. It connects existing systems, leverages existing infrastructure and provides a bridge to data trapped in paper and spreadsheets. It manages the data flow between systems and users. It offers key applications that dramatically improve processes like AFE creation and management, budgeting, rig scheduling and invoice processing.

Workbench improves profitability, cash management, budget analysis and operating performance measurement. It connects the entire value chain from acquisitions and exploration to drilling, production, sales and divestiture. This is true oil and gas software developed for oil & gas companies and highly customizable to your business.

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Get the performance data you need to make well-informed decisions in real-time. Enerpact Workbench makes it easier than ever to:

  • Create and manage AFEs
  • Inspect costs by well
  • Analyze and approve invoices
  • Plan capital expenditures
  • Schedule rigs
  • Analyze production data
  • Manage cash flow
  • Report partnership financials
  • Evaluate asset team performance
  • Manage your hedge positions

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Rapid ROI

Workbench eliminates the inefficiency and inconsistency of spreadsheets. It avoids large-scale retraining. It reduces licensing pressures on key software applications and increases data integrity. We work with you to identify the key improvements you need. We then configure Workbench to match your needs. Since Workbench connects your applications and fills gaps, It improves decision making. It speeds analysis and broadens the ‘intelligence’ base. More people have access to more data for faster, better decisions. The sooner you get your data, the sooner you can begin to analyze and take action.

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Connected Data

Workbench integrates, aligns and shares data with users you select, and sends alerts when data is misaligned between systems. The result is better data integrity and business decisions. Our solution complements your current tools.

Built with an agile, open data architecture, Workbench integrates into your existing accounting, engineering, production, land, GIS and other systems and keeps implementation costs low. It is unlike closed-architecture systems and traditional electronic data management (EDM) schemes that require tremendous change management controls.

Workbench provides a virtual data warehouse that connects all data to all users. It offers applications for key functions that are often still handled manually, such as AFE management, invoice processing and budgeting. These applications are lightweight and intuitive. User interfaces are Microsoft Office and web-based, removing the need for extensive training to analyze and report data.

Running an LOS, creating an AFE, creating what-if forecasts and scenarios, and so much more has never been this fast, easy, and accurate Workbench will have a positive impact on every aspect of your oil & gas business.

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Fast implementation, minimal disruption, minimal training

Our customers are typically up and running in 30-60 days. Workbench connectors, dashboards and applications are easily configured to match your needs. User interfaces are web and Microsoft Office based.

Workbench fits into your existing information architecture. We leverage your systems and processes rather than replace them. New functionality is delivered in familiar web, Excel and Outlook interfaces, so training is minimal. With Workbench, you are guaranteed user acceptance and quick value.

We take pride in our agnostic design and small footprint. Our connectors, dashboards and applications tie together disparate systems for more efficient operation. You pick and choose the components you need.

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Increased software life

Workbench takes the pressure off your key applications. It reduces license and load levels. We make the data available through general interfaces for reporting and analysis, increasing the visibility and value of the key application.

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Enterprise-wide reporting and analysis

Use a convenient dashboard to view integrated reports for production, cash flow, LOSs, LOEs and much more. Pick from dozens of pre-configured reports or build your own. View charts and graphs. Drill down to detail behind them. View spreadsheets and do look-backs. We pull the data from wherever it resides, integrate it, compute it, and present it in the format you need.

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AFE management

Streamline your AFE creation and management. Create AFEs using your Excel template, complete with your macros and calculations. Store and route AFEs digitally. Always know where they are in the process and that they are secure. Search AFEs by metadata. Access a list of your AFEs from a convenient tab. Approve AFEs using any smartphone or tablet.

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Invoice processing

Tie your invoices to AFEs. Search for invoices by asset or field. Run reports and clickthrough to original invoices. Keep vendors informed on payment status. Stay on top of vendor terms and payment discounts.

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Trades and settlement data

Manage your hedging activities simply and easily. Compare actuals to forecasts in real-time. Automatically calculate your percent hedged based on reserves or bank covenants. Handle swaps, collars and puts for crude oil, natural gas, the full natural gas liquids (NGL) stream and interest rates. Report your derivative positions by fund, asset or partnership company. Manage multiple reserves scenarios and hedging profiles across multiple client companies or partnership entities.

More analytical time

Workbench makes data easily and widely available. There is no more time spent manually compiling and reconciling data into spreadsheets. Instead, you have instant access to data segmented as you need it for in-depth analysis and decision-making. Don’t waste days and weeks compiling data only to discover it is outdated or someone pulled the wrong information. Use that time analyzing your data and making informed decisions.

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"It helps a lot that Enerpact has deep oil and gas experience. They understand our needs."-ENERVEST ACCOUNTING VICE PRESIDENT

Well file management

Digitize your well records. Make them easily searchable and connect them to assets and asset teams. Attach files to data across all of your E&P systems for extreme drill-down reporting. Eliminate the physical footprint. Keep valuable lease records, reservoir documents and other well files secure and retrievable.

Budgeting, forecasting and rig scheduling

Make it easier for your experts to plan capital expenditures. Drag and drop wells on the rig schedule and instantly see the financial implications. Import economics data for historical look-backs. Combine reserve system data, drilling schedules and capital details into a budget proposal. Even compare, generate, and modify decline curves and load it all back into your economics systems.