Increase well file access, security and efficiency. No more storage rooms, file drawers and missing data.

Create, track and update your well files. Manage all well-related documents over the life of the well. Enerpact WellFiles is the only electronic file management solution designed explicitly for oil and gas companies to manage oil and gas documents.

E&P companies can end up with thousands of files related to wells and fields. These leases, acquisition documents, and other files stack up in offices and store rooms. With WellFiles, you can ensure the security of these valuable documents, make them more accessible and gain office space. Document access controls allow users to check document versions in and out while viewing and editing.


Associate metadata to each document automatically through advanced data integration. Manual keying is virtually eliminated. Query searches return more accurate and complete results.

Enerpact tracks key data related to wells. Automate metadata tagging of documents by associating documents with our virtual warehouse. Simply associate a file with a well and it becomes instantly searchable through a focused association of well data. Add more details and individual comments for greater search flexibility and precision.

Link documents to reports & Receive Intelligent Notices

Link your WellFiles documents to reports to get the exact information you need when you need it. Instantly view files associated to AFEs. Receive notices on expiring leases from land management systems with attached links to lease documents.

Advanced Security

Restrict access to certain file types or metadata based on user controls or highly tailored user groups. Restrict access to lease and well files with tight hole status. Prevent people from viewing sensitive corporate strategy or legal documents while maintaining shared access and searchability.