Capital Planning

Integrated Planning, Budgeting, Forecasting, & Rig Scheduling. Real-time data access for instant lookbacks, forecasts, & scenario analysis. No more spreadsheets. Create rapid iterations.

"We needed to generate reports that drew from multiple sources like BOLO, ARIES™, WellView® and FieldDIRECT®. We are particularly pleased with the speed of information. Enerpact took away the delay. The executive team gets information faster, better and more consistent." - ENERVEST VICE PRESIDENT & CONTROLLER

Capital Planning

Enerpact Capital Planning connects data from E&P systems for budgeting, forecasting and Rig scheduling. Combine reserves, drilling schedules and capital into one budget. Access data directly from your reserves management system. Build forecasts and lookbacks with the most up-to-date data. Generate and compare what-if scenarios and choose your best option. Create annual budgets and periodic forecasts in a fraction of the time it once took.

Eliminate large, manual efforts to pull and scrub data for budgeting, planning and scheduling. Save time and increase the accuracy of data. Decrease process redundancies. Make timely, fact-based decisions that increase capital efficiency.Leverage your data, processes and systems to create budgets, plans, forecasts and schedules with Enerpact Capital Planning.

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Business Intelligence and Capital Reporting

Generate key reports that include all relevant, real-time accounting and engineering data:

  • Drilling reports to compare Wedge vs. Base, Plan vs. Actuals
  • CAPEX, OPEX, Production & Revenue reports for multiple pricing scenarios
  • Variance reports to compare actuals to any single scenario or compare any two scenarios
  • GANTT view export to Excel to improve schedule change communication

Roll up and drill down on reports using both physical and logical hierarchies. Import production forecasts from ARIES. Create your own type curves and forecast from them or run scenario analysis. Manage changes to drilling program via a simple drag-and-drop utility. Create scenarios or branches with defined access for all branches. Export reports to Excel while retaining formats and formulas. Accurately predict how your schedule and sales are impacted by delays. Schedule Spud Date, First Sales Date and CAPEX with precision.

Dynamically illustrate how changes in plans or budget will affect your business by easily and iteratively building what-if scenarios. Make timely and fact-based decisions that will allow you to increase your capital efficiency.

Rig Scheduling

Rig scheduling has never been so easy. Simply define your rig lines. Import wells from your reserves and costs from accounting. Move the rigs around on a calendar to find your optimal schedule. Fine tune your schedules down to the day.

Drag and drop wells and rigs during budgeting and planning using a GANTT chart view. Plan for both well drilling and workovers. Evaluate the implications of adding and dropping rigs. Fully compatible with pad drilling. Fully configurable to exactly the way your business drills.

Plan CAPEX and OPEX schedules based on spud and first date of sales. Create scenarios with user defined access control for all branches. Take quick snapshots/backups of scenarios before editing or sharing for collaboration.

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"We've automated the match up of actual and budget. Users can compare any period for any well or data. What used to take hundreds of spreadsheets and lots of time now is just one click away." - ENERVEST VICE PRESIDENT & CONTROLLER


Instant lookbacks enable better capital planning and forecasting. Enerpact Capital Planning links supporting data, eliminating the need to build, update and manage spreadsheets. High level look-backs and management reporting instantly pull the most up-to-date data, ensuring real-time data for informed budget decisions. No more misaligned data.

Well level budgeting and well-level look-backs are fully supported. Forecasting multiple what-if scenarios is fast and easy. Compare actuals to forecasts in real-time.

Budgeting, Planning and Forecasts

Upstream budgeting and forecasting are highly collaborative and repetitive processes. Automate workflows for what is otherwise an extremely tedious manual process. Export, align, and analyze data from your reserves system. Combine drilling, capital and operational details in your budget for easy and quick development and maintenance.

Make more informed capital decisions through real-time access to accounting and engineering data. Compare actuals vs. budget without manual data capture and manipulation. Create snapshots of what-if scenarios for better planning.