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"Arcadia selects Enerpact APX for electronic invoicing"

Arcadia selects Enerpact APX for electronic invoicing

Posted:-Feb 1st, 2018

Houston (Feb 1st, 2018) – Enerpact, a leading provider of software solutions for the upstream Oil & Gas industry, announced today that Arcadia Operating LLC, a Dallas based independent oil and gas producer, has selected Enerpact APX, Enerpact’s electronic invoice processing solution, to manage and streamline their AP invoice approval workflow.

According to Rus Richards, President of Arcadia, “We were impressed with how easy and simple to use the solution is, but what put them over the top with us were the capabilities that APX brings in helping us gain greater visibility into our corporate spend with their detailed reporting and Business Intelligence capabilities APX has its roots in BI Intelligence unlike anything else on the market. We will be able to take advantage of the productivity gains that an electronic invoicing solution is supposed to bring with Enerpact APX, but the possibilities with integrating with other systems and effectively harnessing additional decision data is unique".

“Arcadia is embarking on a significantly enhanced drilling program in 2018, and the legacy AP process of receiving, routing, and approving incoming supplier invoices manually, working largely with paper invoices was going to require us to add a number of headcount. By choosing instead to automate our AP workflow processes, we can handle more with less ROI for the project was achieved right out of the gate.”

Christa Cooper, Arcadia’s Controller, also notes, “Any concerns about vendor onboarding were was alleviated by the processes that Enerpact has implemented from the outset enabling and onboarding suppliers who currently submit invoices electronically to other clients. Vendor adoption to the electronic solution is high and moving as per expectations. The easy to use mobile approval gives approvers the flexibility to approve at any time they wish to which leaves us in control to process payments on a timely basis and keeping our suppliers happy.”

Pradeep Deshpande, Enerpact CEO - “We are excited to partner with Arcadia starting with our APX electronic invoicing solution to streamline their AP invoicing workflows. We believe willthis engagement gives us the opportunity to show case to the Oil & Gas Upstream vertical the true potential of an Electronic AP solution.”

About Arcadia

Arcadia Operating LLC is a privately held operating company founded in 1929 and headquartered in Dallas, Texas. Maintaining a strong belief in regional expertise, Arcadia focuses operations in East Texas and along the Texas & Louisiana Gulf Coast regions while planning expansion into Kansas in early 2016. Arcadia has been active in the oil & gas industry since the early 1930’s. A benchmark of East Texas operating, with displays throughout the East Texas Oil Museum at Kilgore College. Over the years, Arcadia has enjoyed success through exploration and exploitation of thousands oil and natural gas properties. With our aim on consistent results in an industry teeming with uncertainty, Arcadia leverages its century worth of experience with hard work, industry expertise, and the utilization of the latest technology to build a sound reputation clearly based on performance. With this results driven philosophy in mind, we will continue “working the oilfield” with the efficiency and industry know-how that has earned us the success enjoyed, since 1929.

About Enerpact

Enerpact is an E&P software company established in 2008 focused on providing our clients with easy access to data across their systems for better decision making, and streamlining processes across the organization to drive efficiency, increase productivity, and reducing costs. We offer upstream companies like yours a better way to reach these goals.